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The Glow Social | Building Your Brand Basics
8:30 PM20:30

The Glow Social | Building Your Brand Basics

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The Glow Social is a gathering of beauty professionals to develop community within the Los Angeles area. Our goal is to develop friendships within a safe haven designed to create camaraderie. Our desire is for attendees to walk away feeling uplifted about topics in our industry, meet a new best friend and to grow your community through face-to-face interaction! The Glow Social’s fourth event Building Your Brand Basics will focus on teaching attendees our influencer panelists’ top tips on; WHAT Branding is, WHY Branding, HOW to Brand. Influencer panelists will speak on different branding strategies within the beauty industry. The event will wrap up with a Q&A panel featuring all the speakers giving the attendees the chance to ask questions! 

Topics Include:

  • What is Branding?

  • Why should beauty industry entrepreneurs be “branding” themselves?

  • How can attendees start today?

  • What does it mean to Brand? Is that the same as a Brand as in clothing?

  • How do beauty industry professionals brand themselves and why?

  • Should attendees brand themselves or follow their salon/spa’s brand?

  • Should I work at a place based on their “brand”?

  • What if where I work doesn’t align with my brand?

  • What if my salon/spa is stuck in an age where that didn’t matter and they don’t know how to move forward? How can I help?

  • What are your top three tips for branding yourself in the next month?

  • Do I need a logo?

  • Do I need a personal website even if I work under the umbrella of a salon/spa?

Learn More About Our Panelists For The Glow Social’s Upcoming Event, Building Your Brand Basics 


Lexi Lomax

Lexi is a salon owner of 13 years, lover of all things beauty, an industry educator, business coach and strategies expert. She is also a licensed cosmetologist with over 11 years experience behind the chair.

Lexi has had a background in business her entire life and says "she grew up coloring at the end of the board room table" as an only child who traveled with her parents; both successful entrepreneurs. She graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a Bachelors Degree of Arts, in History.  

Lexi has been involved in various business ventures, from running children’s art camps, to operating a vineyard and wine company, to owning her salon and creating her coaching and educational programs for beauty professionals.

One thing strings all of it together, Lexi loves figuring it out. Finding the solution, and making hard stuff easy.  She is most passionate about sharing her secrets to achieving success, and helping other women meet their goals in the beauty industry. Lexi likes to share her mistakes so that others can avoid them.  She is obsessed with helping stylists achieve their dream business and life.


Kasey Boone

Owner and Head Esthetician of Glow Skincare. Recently named 2018 National Esthetician of the year by Cosmedix Skincare, Kasey has been treating clients for 13 years and has owned Glow Skincare for the past 8. “I was a dancer, inspired to be a make-up artist turned esthetician" who has always loved everything beauty. Now skin and Glow and helping other in the beauty industry are her true passions.

With the passion to make people feel and look better, Kasey Boone has worked all over the greater Los Angeles area. She specializes in Hydrodermabrasion, Peels and Customized facials. Kasey has appeared on: BRAVOS Real House Wives of Beverly Hills, TruTVs Upscale with Prentice Penny, and an American Express small business Saturday radio ad. Now she is known for her popular Glow Skincare COLD ROLLERS, and 1/2 of the Beauty Biz BFFs PODCAST, a fresh, unfiltered, behind the scenes podcast about two entrepreneurs and licensed estheticians talking about beauty and business. 

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Promise Tangeman-Wurzell

Our third panelist owns her own business as a graphic and web designer that she’s seen rapid success and high demand! She hosts in-person events to help creative entrepreneurs by the masses build, design, and launch their website in two days flat with GoLiveHQ!

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The Glow Social | Hustle & Glow
9:00 AM09:00

The Glow Social | Hustle & Glow


Hustle & Glow

The Glow Social is a gathering of beauty professionals to develop community within the Los Angeles area. Our goal is to start new friendships within a safe haven designed to create camaraderie. Our desire is for you to walk away feeling uplifted about topics in our industry, meet a new best friend and to grow your community through face-to-face interaction!

The Glow Social’s third event, Hustle & Glow features speakers Piper De Young of Ember Retreat, Megan Bradley of Wink Lash Products and Alexsis Scaletti!  We’re so excited to hear from each lady as they share their personal journeys of Hustle & Glow as they’ve built their side hustles in to lucrative businesses within the beauty industry! Speakers will share topics such as: 

-How they started their side hustles and why they saw a need for it?

-How long did it take to receive any income from their side hustle?

-Is their side hustle a passion or an income?

-How much have you finically invested in your side hustle?

and more!

The Glow Social is hosted by Amanda Riley at 2827 Bellevue Ave Los Angeles, The Harbor Salon and is open to all beauty professionals! Starting 9:00 AM. We’ll have coffee, snacks and mimosas to start the event. The Glow Social’s host Amanda, will share a brief intro on what The Glow Social is before speakers share their personal tips & tricks of how they’ve conquered topics in the beauty industry. All Glow Social events wrap up with networking around 11:30 AM!



Piper De Young

Piper is a makeup artist and co-founder of two community driven events for hairstylist and makeup artist - @emberretreat + @blendgatherings. She started her career behind the counter with philosophy and furthered her artistry skills as a makeup artist for MAC. She later took a leap of faith and established herself as a freelance makeup artist. Piper also has a background in Marketing and Graphic Design - both of which have shaped her into a social media and beauty lover with a sharp eye for trending design. She enjoys connecting with small creative businesses/entrepreneurs looking to style their brand identity and showcase their work while effectively engaging with their audience.


Megan Bradley

Megan is the owner of Wink Lash Studio in Newport Beach, California! She started practicing the art of eyelash extensions more than 10 years ago when they first hit the U.S. by storm in 2004. Megan has been published in several magazines including making the cover of LA Times at the ripe age of 17! Being a pioneer of the newfound eyelash industry gave Megan the ability to advance her knowledge in a variety of continually evolving products, and to stay on top of any new lash trends. By early 2006 after journeying to several well established lash studios where she trained other lash artists, Megan opened her own business Wink Lash Studio!

Wink Lash Studio first opened its doors in August of 2011. After only a few short months they became the number one rated lash salon in Newport Beach. Megans strives to keep herself and her team up to date on new trends and education. She’s spent time going as far as Italy to expand her knowledge, ensuring her clients get the best quality product and results. Through Megan’s dedication to the lash industry she also provides private and advanced training as well as manufactures and sells some of her own lash extensions supplies! 


Alexsis Scaletti

Alexsis Scaletti, know as Alexsis Mae on Youtube, is a hairstylist, mom, and new salon owner. She started her journey by giving her clients a place to learn how to style their hair through videos, which grew to also teach other hairstylists how to do color makeovers through online video education. Offering a place for the regular girls to learn how to have gorgeous hair at home, and a spot for their stylist to learn how to give them an amazing experience behind the chair! Which lead into traveling around the states getting into salons with the stylists that watch her videos teaching education in person!

Alexsis Mae has opened up her life up by sharing her walk through becoming a mom, giving a real perspective to her community about real life and the things moms deal with in an open environment. You can own a business and be a mom, there’s something incredibly inspiring about having children!

Whether its hair or baby diapers, Alexsis Mae has dedicated her reach to lifting up others while helping and inspiring her community with each avenue of her life! She believes in dreaming big and lifting others up along the way. 

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The Glow Social | Taking Ownership
9:00 AM09:00

The Glow Social | Taking Ownership

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Amanda Riley


“When planning Taking Ownership all I could think about was myself and I’ll tell you why! Over a year ago I went booth rental/independent and was afforded the luxury of Taking Ownership over my business! When I was making moves I quickly realized there really wasn’t any reading material out there giving me step by step instructions on how to go booth rental, a blog, a book, a newspaper article or anything! So if you want to learn about going booth rental come to Taking Ownership!” -Amanda

Amanda Riley has been a hairstylist since 2008. After receiving her license in Colorado, she trained as an apprentice at The Parlour, a high-end salon in Denver. During her 6 years there, she worked on the bridal and photo teams in addition to her regular services. Moving to Los Angeles in 2015 has brought many new opportunities to Amanda including training to become a Wella Master Color Expert in February 2016.  Amanda works as an independent stylist at The Harbor!

Amanda’s specialty is color, due to her advanced training and certification. She enjoys working with blondes, balayages and copper colors! You'll find more of her work and day to day life on @amandarileyhairstylist.

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Sarah Nelson


Sarah has been a freelance makeup artist in Los Angeles for 8 years! She started her education at Makeup Designory (MUD) in 2011 and later assisted for celebrity MUA, Patrick Ta! Some of Sarah’s main clients include Zooey Deschanel, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Jasmin Savoy Brown. She is constantly striving to perfect her skills while being inspired by fellow artists in the makeup industry. Sarah’s special talent is keeping her client's natural beauty highlighted using clean, natural products. Sarah believes make up is an art form that takes place on a living canvas and there is nothing better than creating magic with a team and seeing that translate on camera. We are so excited to hear all Sarah has to share about her journey of freelancing and more about proper etiquette on set, booking or billing a client and all her marketing tips & tricks!

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Brittani Hamilton

@Brittani_Borboleta & @SoCalBeauty_

“Hello! I am Brittani Strong, I opened my first beauty business,SoCal Beauty, at 18 years old. I am obsessed with lash extensions and all things beauty! Determined to be successful in the beauty industry, I focused a lot of my attention into building a team of artists who work together. A team that defines "success" collectively, instead of individually. My salon has grow to a team of 8 amazing #GirlBosses and we have been open for over 4 years now. Also, I am a Corporate Educator for Borboleta Beauty, where I help to create the curriculums for industry leading courses. I believe that the first step in being successful is to invest in quality education. With all of these incredible experiences, I have realized there is a need for Lash #smallbiz owners to have a place where they can find tools to better their business and set them up for success. I am so honored to be speaking at the Glow Social event alongside so many amazing influencers that can help give you the tools you will need to be successful in this industry."

Join us for an informational gathering of individuals in the beauty industry looking to create community! Speakers will be discussing Taking Ownership and how you can build your dream business! Our speakers Amanda Riley, Sarah Nelson & Brittani Hamilton all have different aspects of business in regards to commission, freelance, independent/renter or ownership! Speakers will share about their personal journey creating their business such as: how to attract clients, retain them and get referrals, how to budget correctly when you work for yourself and real business expenses. Or the best ways to branch out and grow your personal business when you have a boss, having boundaries with clients and tax advice!

The Glow Social is hosted by Amanda Riley at 2827 Bellevue Ave Los Angeles, The Harbor Salon and open to all beauty professionals! Starting 9:00 AM, we’ll have coffee, snacks and mimosas to start the event. Our host Amanda, will share a brief intro on what The Glow Social is before speakers have individual time to share their personal tips & tricks. Taking Ownership will wrap up with a Q&A and networking around 11:30 AM!

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The Glow Social |Building Your Instagram 101, Panel Discussion
9:00 AM09:00

The Glow Social |Building Your Instagram 101, Panel Discussion

Building Your Instagram 101!

Featuring Guest Panelists:

Shanda Wallace @shandawallace_hairstylist


Join us for an informational gathering of individuals in the beauty industry looking to create community! Panelists will be discussing topics such as: the basics to building your Instagram, how to reach your dream clientele, the importance of a social media presence for salon owners as well as their personal journeys of how they used Instagram to grow their businesses!

The Glow Social is hosted by Amanda Riley at 2827 Bellevue Ave Los Angeles, The Harbor Salon and open to all beauty professionals! Doors open at 8:45 AM, get here early and save your seat, you won’t want to miss out!

Our gathering will begin with a brief intro on what The Glow Social is about and what we’re creating through community in the beauty industry in Los Angeles! Panelists will discuss topics regarding social media and end the gathering with a Q&A!

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