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The Glow Social | Building Your Brand Basics

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The Glow Social is a gathering of beauty professionals to develop community within the Los Angeles area. Our goal is to develop friendships within a safe haven designed to create camaraderie. Our desire is for attendees to walk away feeling uplifted about topics in our industry, meet a new best friend and to grow your community through face-to-face interaction! The Glow Social’s fourth event Building Your Brand Basics will focus on teaching attendees our influencer panelists’ top tips on; WHAT Branding is, WHY Branding, HOW to Brand. Influencer panelists will speak on different branding strategies within the beauty industry. The event will wrap up with a Q&A panel featuring all the speakers giving the attendees the chance to ask questions! 

Topics Include:

  • What is Branding?

  • Why should beauty industry entrepreneurs be “branding” themselves?

  • How can attendees start today?

  • What does it mean to Brand? Is that the same as a Brand as in clothing?

  • How do beauty industry professionals brand themselves and why?

  • Should attendees brand themselves or follow their salon/spa’s brand?

  • Should I work at a place based on their “brand”?

  • What if where I work doesn’t align with my brand?

  • What if my salon/spa is stuck in an age where that didn’t matter and they don’t know how to move forward? How can I help?

  • What are your top three tips for branding yourself in the next month?

  • Do I need a logo?

  • Do I need a personal website even if I work under the umbrella of a salon/spa?

Learn More About Our Panelists For The Glow Social’s Upcoming Event, Building Your Brand Basics 


Lexi Lomax

Lexi is a salon owner of 13 years, lover of all things beauty, an industry educator, business coach and strategies expert. She is also a licensed cosmetologist with over 11 years experience behind the chair.

Lexi has had a background in business her entire life and says "she grew up coloring at the end of the board room table" as an only child who traveled with her parents; both successful entrepreneurs. She graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a Bachelors Degree of Arts, in History.  

Lexi has been involved in various business ventures, from running children’s art camps, to operating a vineyard and wine company, to owning her salon and creating her coaching and educational programs for beauty professionals.

One thing strings all of it together, Lexi loves figuring it out. Finding the solution, and making hard stuff easy.  She is most passionate about sharing her secrets to achieving success, and helping other women meet their goals in the beauty industry. Lexi likes to share her mistakes so that others can avoid them.  She is obsessed with helping stylists achieve their dream business and life.


Kasey Boone

Owner and Head Esthetician of Glow Skincare. Recently named 2018 National Esthetician of the year by Cosmedix Skincare, Kasey has been treating clients for 13 years and has owned Glow Skincare for the past 8. “I was a dancer, inspired to be a make-up artist turned esthetician" who has always loved everything beauty. Now skin and Glow and helping other in the beauty industry are her true passions.

With the passion to make people feel and look better, Kasey Boone has worked all over the greater Los Angeles area. She specializes in Hydrodermabrasion, Peels and Customized facials. Kasey has appeared on: BRAVOS Real House Wives of Beverly Hills, TruTVs Upscale with Prentice Penny, and an American Express small business Saturday radio ad. Now she is known for her popular Glow Skincare COLD ROLLERS, and 1/2 of the Beauty Biz BFFs PODCAST, a fresh, unfiltered, behind the scenes podcast about two entrepreneurs and licensed estheticians talking about beauty and business. 

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Promise Tangeman-Wurzell

Our third panelist owns her own business as a graphic and web designer that she’s seen rapid success and high demand! She hosts in-person events to help creative entrepreneurs by the masses build, design, and launch their website in two days flat with GoLiveHQ!

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