The Glow Social

The Glow Social


The Glow Social Upcoming event is July 15th, 9 AM

The Glow Social is a gathering of beauty professionals to develop community within the Los Angeles area. Our goal is to start new friendships within a safe haven designed to create camaraderie. Our desire is for you to walk away feeling uplifted about topics in our industry, meet a new best friend and to grow your community through face-to-face interaction!

The Glow Social is hosted by Amanda Riley at 2827 Bellevue Ave Los Angeles, The Harbor Salon and open to all beauty professionals! Starting 9:00 AM. We’ll have coffee, snacks and mimosas to start the event. Our host Amanda, will share a brief intro on what The Glow Social is before speakers share their personal tips & tricks of how they’ve conquered topics in the beauty industry. All Glow Social events wrap up with networking around 11:30 AM!

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